Time Hurts With Time

by Memory Mines

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I was sick and had horrible allergies. I got bored and wrote and recorded this acoustic album.


released September 30, 2014

All tracks written, performed, and recorded by Chris Atkins.
All tracks performed live with one mic.
Album art by Chris Atkins.



all rights reserved


Memory Mines Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Stacy King
I don’t really know what I want anymore
you do what you can and nobody keeps score
time flirts with time flirts with time
30 dough circles in the back of my car
wheels losin’ tread as they rip on the tar
time flirts with time flirts with time

but I’ve got Stacy King on the speakers
waitin’ for the next time I’ll see her sing

I remember when I saw her at The Underground
with an ex-girlfriend that eventually skipped town
time hurts with time hurts with time
a lot of people wish they could go back and make changes
figure out the kinks and rearrange it
time’s gone with time’s gone with time

but I’ve got Stacy King on the speakers
waitin’ for the next time I’ll see her sing
I’ve got Stacy King in my ears
I get to listen to her sing for years and years
Track Name: Heat Days
man, I hate my job sometimes
but that don’t change a thing
when I close my eyes
I can hear the soft whispering

“It’ll be all right. Just don’t stop moving.
It’ll be all right. You’ll sleep tonight.
Just don’t stop moving.”

sweat rolls down into my mouth
eyes are burnin’ red
oh, Nebraska summer
call me when the leaves are dead

need to find a place to rest my brain
even up in outer space
they’re busier than anyone
things are not that bad
I’m just tired
please, don’t think I’m angry
I’m just tired of bein’ alone

people say, “Get over it.”
then they walk away
everyone is actin’ like
celebrities these days
Holden here are your phonies
we’re runnin’ off the cliff
into the sea and rocks
of internet and cell phone pics
no one is innocent
everyone’s at fault
that’s why her head ain’t restin’ on
my shoulder right now
I took too long
I took too long to correct so many wrongs
Track Name: Cause It Is
she’s in my head today
and there’s no way of gettin’ her out
she’ll kill me dead one day
and I’ll help her put me in the ground

it’s like torture
cause it is

she’s in the ticking clock
her laugh is in the birds
her answering machine is the only way
I’ll ever hear her voice again

it’s like torture
cause it is
a hot rusty shiv
a claw in my back
a brick to my throat
glass to my toes
Track Name: Embarrassed
something has to go
memory delete
every day afraid
I’m going to repeat
everything I’ve done
everything I’ve said
that hasn’t been for good
can we edit out the mess
I’ve made? I’ve made
every song I write
is another short escape
from all the pain and strife
I’ve brought into this place
I’m embarrassed about almost everything
Track Name: Aaaw, Snap!
feel I’m gonna snap in half
feel I’m gonna snap in half
without you
and everybody’s gonna laugh
when I finally break
when I finally crack
when my legs move forward
and my head’s in the past
think I’m finally gonna snap
Track Name: Some Girls Just Go
where you gonna go
when all your friends are in magazines?
Diane, Diane
who you gonna know?
I’ve seen the way they talk about you
when you ain’t around
you don’t need that honey
you so smart and funny
Diane, Diane
you need another crowd

if you give me a chance
would you come over and dance with me?
oh, baby please
I’m droolin’ at the mouth for you

are you home?
haven’t seen you in school
people say
“Diane? Diane! She gone to Mexico!”
are you gone for good
or in a different neighborhood?
I’ll miss you, Diane
Diane, Diane
please don’t go

if you give me a chance
would you come back home and dance with me?
oh, baby please
oh, what I would give
to have you hold hands with me
oh, baby please
some girls just go
yeah, they just disappear
without a trace
and you spend the years
tryin’ to remember their face
the way her hair was wind
the way her eyes would grin
sent shivers down your spine
there just wasn’t time
there just wasn’t time for you, Diane
Track Name: My Every Thought
go, if you don’t like it, go
don’t be the man who doesn’t row
go, if you don’t like it, go
don’t blame the people
that you’ve come to know

hold, if you can’t lose it, hold
don’t be the man who isn’t whole
fold, if you can’t win it, fold
don’t blame the fire
that you stepped in

far up above
I can feel the sun
on my every thought
deep under the blue
I can feel the weight
of my dirty slate
oh, cruel world
stop the ride
and let me off

gone, everybody’s gone
they’ve all had to move on
and you should tag along
on, off and on
good and bad
they come to everyone
Track Name: Where to Begin?
I don’t know much
but I know I love you
don’t know calculus
politics or medicine
don’t know kung fu

but I still remember
when we first met
you skipped up to me
and you said

“Who are you? Where did you come from?
What would it take to get
to spend some time with you?
Gimme your number
so I can call you.
Talk to you late at night
until we fall asleep.
You drive me wild.”

every day you just make me want you
how you walk and talk
and laugh and cry
it all makes me swoon

but I kept it together
when we first met
you put your hands on my blushin’ cheeks
and said

“Who are you? Where did you come from?
What would it take to get
to spend some time with you?
Gimme your number
so I can call you.
Talk to you late at night
until we fall asleep.”

you drive me wild
the constellations of the freckles on your face
you drive me wild
burstin’ at the seams
I am livin’ in my dreams
I’m like a child
learnin’ everythin’ all over again
too many thoughts to know where to begin

you drive me wild
Track Name: That's Fine
I watched your eyes reflect the stars
this big boy wrapped in your little arms
didn’t need a watch, didn’t need a car
cause space and time felt so far
far away

I watched your hair dance in the air
then you told me you didn’t care anymore
that I was a step, I was a spare
that space and time were leavin’ me behind

I let the break get the best of me
your pretty face in everything I’d see
I became a creature of the night
deaf and dumb and walkin’ blind

I watched the day through blinds in bed
heart full of lead
I guess I proved you right
stayed in the same place
wasted all that time
wasted all that space
now I’m on the run
chasin’ down the sun
years and years behind
but if it keeps me far from you…
that’s fine