Haha, LOL

by Memory Mines

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All tracks recorded by Chris Atkins.
All tracks recorded live at The Short House, except track 12, which was recorded on cassette elsewhere.

All tracks recorded with one microphone, except for track 3, which was recorded with 2 mics.


released April 22, 2012

All songs written and performed by Chris Atkins.
Zach Short played Cajon.
Ryan McKeever played Harmonica, Egg Shaker, and light Drums.

Thank You's:
Jesus Christ
Mom and Dad
Kimiko, Rob, and their families
Zach Short
Cody Bailey and Tyler Moore
Ryan McKeever
Cole Evans
Danny Sabra
Mike Harvat
All of the Chris the Whale supporters
Winston Jazz Routine (RIP)
Nathan Phillips
The Benson Grind (RIP)
Cafe 110
Bartlett (RIP)
White Collar Mercy (RIP)
Nifty 250 (RIP)
The Perfect Paradox (RIP)
Eustace (RIP)
Hercules (RIP)
Cymbal Rush (RIP)
Calamity & Jane (RIP)
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
John Williams
Steven Spielberg
Peter Jackson
The Neverending Story
Emma Watson
Anna Kendrick
Aubrey Plaza
Oliver Wood
Harry, Ron, and Hermione
Sidney Crosby
Diet Coke
Water... lots of water
The Old Market
Lina's (Mexican Restaurant)
CD Tradepost
Fruity Pebbles
Parks and Recreation (TV Show)
Freaks and Geeks (TV Show)
The Office (TV Show)
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Windwaker
Halo 2
Obi-Wan Kenobi



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Track Name: Afterward
get me on the road
cause I don't wanna be here anymore
on this floor
my empathy is closed
as all these people push me out the door
don't touch me
cause I'm leavin' gladly

keep it to yourself
I don't wanna be inside your hell
keep me on your shelf
cause I don't wanna be read by you

let me collect my dust
you know I'm good enough
so let me collect my dust

you push me around like it's good for you
then you let me in like I'm learning somethin'
I feel sorry for you, but it's all I can do
feellin' sorry for you
when you don't want me to
Track Name: Extended Family
come around again my friend
I wanna see you before the end
frame by frame in front of me
you've documented how we see
we'll catch up soon
until then I'm workin' under the moon

guess I couldn't catch my plane
work's been hard on this terrain
puttin' money in the bank
feelin' like my mind's gone blank
we'll catch up soon
you are my brother through and through

I love you dawg
you've been a light through the fog
you crack me up
you chew me out when I am wrong
you have my heart
you are my brother through and through
we'll catch up soon
Track Name: Your Method Fell Through
she asks a question and I don't wanna answer
cause if I answer I won't get to dance with her
baby, baby, baby I want to
spin around in circles with you
but I can't

cause our beliefs are different can't you see
you wanna "be free"
and I've got everything I need
I won't even try to pretend we hold the same truths
that's my responsibility to you

she puts on the pressure but I already left her
she finds someone better and gets mad
cause I don't miss her
well baby, baby, baby I wanted to
get all depressed over you
but I can't

cause I ain't gonna lie to you

you say that I'm full of holes
when I already fell through yours
you say that I'm full of holes
when I already fell through yours
the world says I'm full of holes
when I already fell through theirs

cause I don't wanna lie to you
you probably wish I would but I won't
you probably wish I could but I can't
Track Name: Social Network Addiction
the dust and the black
the click and the clack
words that I should be holdin' back
for once in my life
I'm sad I can write
cause if I could not
I would say this tonight
with a sonic boom
a tone of voice
drenched in truth
over the noise
but instead I wait til' I get home
to write it down in an online "note"

I try to relax but I keep coming back

Oh, the things I should say
when we're face to face
Oh, the things that I wanna say
but just can't make plain
Track Name: The Strength
we walked through them windy woods
with our sacks full of diamonds
six weeks of running from the chase
the pigs and the lions
so we sat under that red oak
and talked about the things
we had wanted when we were dead broke
when hope was in a sling

as the sun began to set
I reached out and took her hand
so small and soft within my grip
with cuts and bruises from the land
I said we should get a ranch
that we could call a home
she laughed and asked me for a dance
in a sweet as honey tone

in the night there came The Strength
with glowing golden eyes
and with a roar He came to speak
amongst our screams and cries
"Drop your bags and follow me," He said
but only one of us went on
as I followed I looked back with dread
to see that she'd already gone

I asked The Strength, "Why do the things we want come and go so fast?"
He said, "My boy, because the things you want aren't made to last."
Track Name: Stolen Lies
what is this?
you're running like a bat outta hell
lost your wings and boy
you've lost them well
nothing left to see with swollen eyes
retrace steps you left with stolen lies


what is this?
a breakthrough in the case
false alarm, just a pretty face
your walls come up, the music dies down
she's walking past, but you can't hear the sound

now I know you've lost your mind
if you don't think you can find
what you were made to find
Track Name: Guide
let it come to you
when you don't feel alright
let your heart air out
the stench that's in your mind

bad memories keep comin' back to me

today I went outside
saw the beauty in the light
saw the wind speak through her hair
through the windows of the air

let it comfort you
when the waste hits the fan
let your heart cry out
for a taste of the plan

how did I end up here?
what brought me through the shadows
through the mist
to a wonder such as this?
who? who is guiding me?
Track Name: Diamond Bullet Holes
diamond bullet holes
markings on the trees
friends and family
can't be close with me

standing in the leaves
I can watch them grow
but I can't understand, at least
that's what they let me know

I will never catch up
always a little bulb
I've lost all connection
to diamond bullet holes

when I grow taller too
a difference it won't make
I'll still be seen as small
made easy still to break

no matter what I bear
in big leaves and fruit
sweet smelling air
or strength in my roots

the truth is I don't care
I've been this way too long
I've always been a freak
singin' silly songs

I understand my place
always a little bulb
looking at the face
of diamond bullet holes
Track Name: Wear and Tear
pulse, the pulse is beating out
the logic in the sound
I've yet to feel that pull

she, yeah she is breaking me
but how can it be she
when she don't come around?

oh, is there something I haven't seen
that's coming over me?
over me

heart, my heart is beating hard
and heart will take me far
but soul will be my end

my tongue, my tongue is often burning
but lately I've been learning
to let the silence in

oh, is there something I've yet to say
that could make this go away?
is there something I've yet to bring
that could help me take a swing?
take a swing

oh, is there something I've yet to learn
that could help me take a turn?
oh, is there someone I have yet to meet
that could help me rest my feet?
Track Name: Long Way Home
this faith is a fire
in the ice of a liar
cause I've been cold
I've been wrong
not stoppin' it
just playin' along

melt away my grave mistakes
melt away my evil ways
watch it run down the hill
peace, be still
peace, be still

I am not a wandering star
searching space for some other place
I am not a grumblin' ghost
speaking pride, disappeared, without a trace

melt away my selfish hate
melt away my lonely fate
watch it run down the hill
peace, be still
peace, be still

now this valley full of water
all our pain melted together
leavin' an ocean to sail over
be my Captain take me home
now this valley full of questions
all my passions become my lessons
leavin' an ocean to sail over
be my Captain take me home
take me home
the long way home
Track Name: Sea Breeze
over the ocean, through the wind
leavin' behind all my crooked sins
the thunder has stopped rumblin'
the flashes burnt out
the sun rays collidin'
with the smile in my mouth

the sea breeze in the sails
the sea breeze tells a tale
of the kingdom across the ocean
and the long blue trail

doubt was my anchor, but I cut her off
now I am no longer stuck at the docks
just flowin' and growin', this life is all I know
though troubles may taunt me
at least I've somewhere to go

I've tried to see it, but I can't comprehend
the beauty on the horizon when I finally reach my end
for now I'm just tryin' to keep this afloat
whether livin' or dyin' I ain't sinkin' this boat
Track Name: Christmas Time
I see it comin'
comin' through the clouds
I see it fallin'
stickin' to the ground
I wish I was holdin'
somebody's hand
cause when I am sleepin'
I dream that I am

it's Christmas time again
it's Christmas time
and all I want is to be your man

baby, I need you
I wish upon a star
that one day I'll meet you
wherever you are

it's Christmas time again
it's Christmas time
and all I want is to be your man
Track Name: Not Yet
it looks so good to take
but there's something wrong
cause it's been so long with so much at stake

every instinct stops
feel your shoulders drop
time to risk it all
or feel the after-burn

what is my reserve?
I'm forgetting what it's worth
to walk away from her when I can't be sure

something holds me back
somehow I can't react
so here, I watch it pass
I feel the after-burn
I feel it

I'm not afraid to fold it all
when it's not good enough to call
cause I'd rather take a beating
than give up on all the meaning
I'm not afraid to let this go
and hear everyone say I choked
cause if there's anything I've learned
it's that you should wait to take your turn
and feel the after-burn